To help de-clutter and redesign a finished basement to be used for work, laundry and play.


This family of four had great intentions when they finished their basement a few years ago. But a new baby and other family/work commitments made it difficult to concentrate on the best way to set the room up. A desk and bookcase were placed in a space that was too cramped. Over the years, many new toys came into the space, but old toys never left, and nothing was given a specific “home”. As a result, the clutter grew and grew, making it difficult to get anything done, whether it be work, laundry or play.

The wall space in the nook area was meant to display artwork, but had become so cluttered that our eyes couldn’t focus on any one piece. Plus, what had started out as a craft area had morphed into a catch-all space with no specific purpose.



We helped the parents go through their things, throwing out what was damaged or missing pieces. They donated toys their kids had outgrown, allowing for other children to enjoy them. The remainder were grouped using our “like with like” technique and organized accordingly in their two large closets. We grouped all the board games together on one shelf. We did the same for the other categories: puzzles, pretend play, action figures, etc. Things the parents want to control were placed on the highest shelf, while toys and games were placed so that the children can reach them independently.

We cleared out the toys in the nook area and moved the desk and bookshelf into this space, giving our clients the proper home office they needed. We also removed all the artwork from the walls. It was decided that the wall space directly behind the desk would be used for work papers and materials, while the side wall would be used to display the kids’ current artwork.


An efficient and relaxing space that the whole family can utilize and enjoy.