Clearing the Clutter to Save Energy and Stay Focused

How creating an uncluttered environment helps conserve energy, leading to decreased anxiety, increased productivity, and a happier household (during Quarantine and beyond!).

As we navigate these challenging times, resilience skills and positive psychology tools and strategies are more important than ever!  This video was created as part of a Video Series and Resilience Summit during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

VIDEO: How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

Most homes have a junk drawer, and believe it or not, that's perfectly fine!  But we have found that most of the time, they look like junk too.

Truth:  Your junk drawer should still be ORGANIZED.

When your junk drawer (or any drawer) isn’t organized, it makes it hard to find what you need when you need it.  And really, who has time to go searching?

In this video, Annmarie takes you through a step-by-step process you can easily use on your own junk drawer.

Try it and then tell us, what's in YOURS?

VIDEO: How to Create a College Prep Binder

How do you stay organized when you are applying to college?

In this video, Marie teaches you how to create a college prep binder to house everything you and your child will need, and goes through the different categories that you should be looking for.  She also gets into the thought process behind keeping categories separate, yet contained in one easy to access location.

You will feel empowered, on top of your game and well prepared to wow college admissions committees with your application!

VIDEO: How to “Make” More Space Under the Kitchen Sink

Frustrated with the area under the kitchen sink?

You’re not alone — this area is challenging due to all the tanks and pipes in there! It’s awkward trying to store all the cleaning supplies, garbage bags and other stuff you need to keep handy.

In this video, Annmarie shows you one way to create more space using a simple tension rod.  We hope you find it helpful!

VIDEO: How to create a “drawer” on a shelf

Organizing should always make your life EASIER.

How often have you forgotten about things in the back of the shelves in your cabinets, closet or pantry?  Or accidentally knocked things over trying to reach something?

How can you make it easy to see what you have, and to get the items that are in the back without knocking everything else down?

In this video, Annmarie teaches you how to create a “drawer” on a shelf.  It’s a cool and simple fix that can be used on any shelf!

VIDEO: A Portable Shelf to Increase Cabinet Space!

Here’s the latest in our “Two Minute Organizing Tips” Series: an easy project that allows you to increase your space (in some cases, DOUBLE it!) by using a portable shelf.  These shelves come in different sizes, colors and materials to match any decor and shelf width.

Cabinets can be challenging, especially when you can’t adjust them.  Adding one of these handy dandy shelves will allow you to accommodate more items, yet access them easier.  It also eliminates wasted space.

What's not to love?

VIDEO: whenever possible, repurpose what you already own!

Here’s the first installment in our new video series: Two Minute Organizing Tips! Helping you simplify your life in two minutes or less :).

In this video, we give you an example of how you can save money on drawer organizers by repurposing things you already own.

Enjoy, and please share!

VIDEO: How to Fold Plastic Bags to Save Space

We are often taken aback by how attached people are to these bags that you get at the supermarket, drugstore etc.  People are truly worried they will run out and never see them again.  Really!

In this video, Marie teaches you something she learned from her mom (who learned it from her cousin in Italy.  Va bene!) — how to fold the bags so they take up a fraction of the space.

BONUS:  Teach the kids to do it — they can have folding races and save you space at the same time. Bag folding for the win!

Video: Portable Packing Shelves are the bomb!

In this video, Annmarie shares her experience with the portable packing shelves she received as a gift.  Easy to pack and unpack, they made traveling a breeze!

Lots of options available on Amazon.  Simply type "portable packing shelves" into the search bar and choose the one that's best for you!