How to Prepare

We are often asked what can be done in preparation for our sessions.  Here are our recommendations:


While we understand the impulse to straighten up, it’s really important for us to see your normal behavior and living environment.  It helps us accurately assess your challenges and personality so we can tailor organizing strategies and systems specifically for you.

Trust us when we tell you, yours is NOT the worst we’ve ever seen :).


Believe it or not, this is the simplest way to get the ball rolling.

  • It is something that can be done quickly and with minimal thought.  Minimal thought = minimal stress.
  • It frees up room to sort your more important belongings.
  • It saves you money in the end, because we don’t waste precious time on this step.


The more supplies you have on hand during our sessions, the better.  Once we help you sort through your things, we need supplies to help house what needs to stay.  Keep in mind that we will always try to re-purpose items you already own, and can use everyday household items, such as shoeboxes or food containers, as organizers.

Aside from garbage bags, NOT all supplies are needed for every project.  This is just a guideline.  We will give more specific recommendations during our initial phone conversation and as the project progresses.  All of the products listed below can be found at local stores such as Target, Costco, The Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Home Goods.  If you are an online shopper, much of these products can be found on


For Decluttering Projects

A.  Black contractor bags, for donations and heavy duty garbage

B.  Regular garbage bags, for standard garbage

C.  Old cardboard boxes to store breakable donations or garbage

D.  Plastic baggies in various sizes:  snack, sandwich, quart, gallon, 1.5 or 2 gallon

E.  Rubberbands

F.  Sterilite® ULTRA™ clear storage bins with transparent gray handles and lids:  70 qt., 30 qt., 18 qt.

G.  Under-the-bed roller clear storage bins, as deep as your bed, if possible. 

If your bed is too low to accommodate the bins, consider bed risers to raise it up.

H.  Rectangular mini-bins and drawer organizers (avoid round/cylinder shaped organizers).  We recommend Interdesign brand drawer organizers and Fridge/Freezer/Cabinet BINZ, but we can work with shoe boxes, food storage containers and dollar store plastic bins.

I.  Closet ring dividers (for organizing hanging clothes)

J.  Slim space-saver hangers

K.  Drawer / shelf dividers


For Paper Management Projects

L.  Open top desktop organizers, available in many styles, colors and textures to match your décor.  Here is a link to one we found on Amazon that works well:

M.  Hanging Pendaflex folders (for housing manila file folders)

N.  Manila file folders

O.  Binders and binder supplies such as dividers.  We suggest plastic file folder tabbed dividers.

P.  Basic office supplies, such as letter opener, stapler, staple remover, highlighters, pens/pencils