Now through May 31st, we'll give you 3 hours for the price of 2 – a 33% savings – when you purchase a gift certificate for 2 Virtual Organizing hours (See Investment Below).

To purchase, click HERE:

We live in a technological world, so why not use it for the greater good! Using a video meeting platform, we will conduct online consulting and strategy sessions to help you reach your organizing goals.


This is a great option for those who:


  • Don’t live local, but really want to work with us.

  • Want the guidance, support and accountability of a professional organizer, but wish to do the physical work themselves.

  • Need the help but are not completely comfortable with allowing a stranger into their home.

  • Feel embarrassed about their current state and would rather the organizer just see the targeted area that needs attention.

  • Want to focus on learning about organizing strategies and techniques.

Our session together will focus on either: 

  • A specific project you wish to tackle (e.g., your pantry), or

  • A general organizing topic you wish to learn about (e.g., paper management).

In every virtual session, we will offer techniques and strategies plus help you:

  • Set realistic goals that lead to effective results.

  • Determine action steps that are practical and manageable.

  • Plan for unexpected obstacles so you don’t get stuck.

  • Create an accountability plan to keep you focused and motivated.

You will feel empowered, supported and ready to tackle your project (and the world!).

As with our in-home organizing sessions, we create an environment of complete non-judgement. Please know we take privacy very seriously. Even if you are referred by a friend, we will never discuss details about you or your sessions with anyone.


Before scheduling our first session, a 15-minute free phone consultation is suggested to determine if virtual organizing is a good fit for your needs and timeline.

Virtual organizing will be most rewarding when you come to each session with a positive mindset and a clear commitment to learning, taking action and being accountable.

Your level of success will depend on what happens between sessions, i.e., your actions and follow-through based on the plans created during our time together. We believe in your resourcefulness, and will provide the guidance, tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. In the end, it will be up to you to apply them accordingly. We will cheer you on and help motivate you along the way!


*During these difficult times, we are offering virtual organizing for a discounted rate of $75/hour. 

Regularly $100/hour*.  Sessions will be a minimum of one hour in length and can be as long as two hours. If desired, multiple hours may be purchased at one time and then scheduled in 1-2 hour session blocks.

Unlike in-home sessions, all virtual sessions must be prepaid. We accept all major credit cards, or checks made payable to Organize Me! of NY, LLC.


We respectfully request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to your appointment so we can attempt to reschedule someone in your place.  We understand that certain situations arise that might require a client to cancel at the last minute; if we are able to successfully fill the slot with another client, no fee will be charged.