To create a kid-friendly play area for four young children, where things could be located and put away easily.


The amount of toys far exceeded the size of the playroom. The kids did not have a system for keeping toys in place, so they never put anything back once they took it out to play. The floor was completely covered, so there was nowhere for them to sit and play in the room. The kids would take their toys and games to other parts of the house and leave them there, creating a mess in other parts of the home as well.



We worked side by side with the client and went through each and every item in the room. Anything that was broken or missing pieces was discarded immediately. The rest was sorted by type: puzzles, games, dolls/doll accessories, dress up costumes, play kitchen, puzzles, building toys and books. Once the sorting was complete, the client could really see just how many things they had. Decisions were then made about what would be kept and what could be donated.

The closet was reorganized to house the puzzles and games. Games were organized by type, and placed at a height where the children could easily access them and be responsible for putting them away.

The books were placed on bookshelves right outside the room in the hallway to free up space within the main room. Different zones were created, e.g., one wall housed all the dolls and doll accessories, another had a play kitchen with play food and utensils.

Everything was labeled in a way that made sense to the children, and we spent time teaching them the new system and ways they could keep the room organized.


An appealing area for the kids to play in, with a proven system that even the youngest child could handle.