Don't Take Our Word For It. See what others are saying!


“I’m excited about working with you guys again! You did such great work last time, and the most impressive part was how long the systems you put into place lasted for us! [They] are still working for us years later and I’m very impressed with how practical the systems are. I can’t wait to see the next transformation.” (Julia, Brooklyn)

For one year I have remained committed to [their] system and have not lost a single receipt. Hallelujah! If you are disorganized and need to bring order into your office, your home or your life, call them. They are kind, professional and the best at what they do! You will be so glad you made that call.” (LK, Suffolk County)


“I’ve been in severe need of an intervention for a LONG time. We made great progress [organizing my office]. I could almost feel the stress leaving my body. I feel a heightened sense of motivation to ORGANIZE EVERYTHING!!!!!” (Dave, Franklin Square)

“Marie and Annmarie are the greatest organizers on the planet! While that may seem like hyperbole, it is not. They are amazing. I work in a very small non-profit, (which is why I am not giving my full name), and I was completely overwhelmed trying to do the work of several people without the correct systems in place. Not to mention that I felt like a total mess. (And I was.) Marie and Annmarie came to my office and with great kindness took control of the situation. First of all they calmed me down and assured me that this was fixable, and that they had seen worse. Whether this was true or not didn’t matter. They gave me hope, organized piles of papers and set up a filing system that was pure genius. It changed my life.” (LK, Suffolk County)

“I can’t tell you the positive effect this had on my mental state – I truly feel so much clearer and calmer, thus healthier, after working with Annmarie & Marie.” (Maureen, Garden City)

“Organizing is a better state of living. Thank you!” (Denise, Hicksville)

“You have no idea how much you girls have helped me. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I’ve been so stressed out and now everything is peaceful.” (Christine, Wantagh)

“From the moment Annmarie and Marie stepped into our house, I could see the determination on their faces and I felt relief for the first time in awhile. Relief from the overwhelming mess our house had become, due to our lack of organization. We started with my son’s room and within hours, it was a new room, one with not only organization, but a peaceful feeling, knowing everything now had a place.” (Theresa, Bay Shore)


“Ever since those ladies came, it’s easy to keep my room clean.” (Daniel, age 9, Wantagh)

“[My four-year-old son] loved the changes. I can’t thank you both enough. He’s been so good about keeping his stuff in the right place when he’s finished with it. It’s almost like I have someone else’s kid!” (Julia, Brooklyn)

“So I was not home to see my son’s reaction to the room. But my husband said he wanted to know why and where did it all go. This morning I showed him where his shorts and shirts were and he gave me the biggest hug. Thanked me over and over again.  Go figure.  Thank you again. There are no words…” (Maria, Port Washington)

“In the beginning, there were doubts that my three children would keep up with the way you both organized their toys. But to my surprise, after you showed them how everything has its home, it worked! (Denise, Hicksville)

Even our kids see how easy it is to keep their things organized. They like how this keeps them less stressed getting ready for school in the morning and while doing their homework/studying after school! Thank you so much for organizing our kitchen. We love it!” (Jennifer, Huntington)


"My two kids’ rooms, my office and my basement were actually transformed into spacious rooms that made sense. Everything that was utilized or played with had a ‘home’ to return to. I am just so sorry I didn’t meet them earlier!” (Maureen, Garden City)

“You both worked your magic in our attic, which to say was almost impenetrable! Having a large walkup attic is such an asset to a home, but not when you can’t step foot in it. The transformation was amazing. Everything now has a place that is both easy to get to and easy to maintain.” (Denise, Hicksville)

"Annmarie and Marie of Organize Me! of NY have the expertise to create an amazing transformation in your home. I have worked with them numerous times. They have provided me with ideas, inspiration, skills and most of all — beautifully organized spaces. I like their techniques such as vertical folding, labeling, storing like things together, shopping from what you have, bagging items and maximizing space. They have taught me about conserving energy when working, staying focused and time management. Most importantly, they totally transformed my attic, office space, files, business and craft supply areas. Annmarie and Marie are a pleasure to work with — calm, on task, energetic and hard working."  (Janice, Wantagh)


“The best money I ever spent!” (Denise, Smithtown)

“The kitchen was a huge issue for me. As much as I believed that I was organized, I knew that cooking was just becoming too much of an issue. The counters were always cluttered, there were always dishes in the sink. It was such a bother to have to “clean up” every time I wanted to cook that we wound up ordering in a lot. There was just too much stuff. [Annmarie and Marie] made common-sense decisions that make everyday living easier and I’ve been able to cook more for my family, which makes a happier, healthier and more frugal household.” (Theresa, Bay Shore)


“You guys were perfect. Just the right amount of toughness and focus to get the job done and still make it enjoyable.” (Owners, GAME7SPORTS.COM)

“Thank you soooooooo much for helping me organize my third floor space (you will be happy to know it is still neat and tidy!). You two are a dream to work with (having fun while organizing a completely disorganized living space….what more can one ask for??)” (Colleen, Manhasset)